Easter Sunday is a popular celebration all over America and among other Christians of the world. It is such a festival in which the kids love to receive a gift. There is a belief that the day is celebrated for the recursion of Jesus from the tomb. Though there are discussions for which reason exactly the day is celebrated, there are no discussions about the idea of gifting the kids on this day. By the way, We must give something to our kids on this day, and this is the widely accepted tradition all over the globe. If you are searching for the awesome Easter Gifts for Kids, then keep reading this article.

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March 28, 2018



25 Unique Easter Gifts for Kids 2019

Easter is now a festival observed by both Christians and some non-Christians. On that day most of the Christians buy adorable Easter Gifts for Kids. On the other hand, Kids love to get something special Easter gifts. But question is, How to find an awesome Easter gift? If you are confused about what to gift the kid on Easter Day, then this article is for you. Here in this piece of writing, we will present you 25 Unique Easter Gifts Ideas for Kids.

1. Personalised Sweetie Jar

The Personalised Sweetie Jar can be one of the best gift ideas for your kid on Easter Sunday. It is all about a jar that is filled with 24 different retro sweets. The impressive thing about the sweet is kids love them very much. The sweets come in beautiful shape with the colorful wrapping on the top which makes it much amazing and enjoyable for the kids.

Besides, all the sweets in the jar come in high-quality and very tasty, that is what the previous customers say about it. Also, the jar contains all the old-school favorites of the kids like Black Jacks, Parma Violets, Love Hearts, Fruit Salad, Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, etc. Another interesting thing about the product is you can also add a personalized note with the Easter Gifts. If you are looking for a Personalized Easter Gift idea then it will be a great and perfect choice.

2. Easter Chicks Soap Gift Set

Giving a specialized gift to the kid on Easter Day can be a great way to win their hearts. If you have such thoughts, then the Easter Chicks Soap Gift Set can be an excellent pick for you. Furthermore, the gift comes in a package with some beautifully designed chicken-shaped soaps for the kid.

Moreover, all the soaps contain a beautiful scent. Also, the theme of the gift is like the little chicks are cracking the shell and coming out and spreading a lovely fragrance. The amazingly designed gift will surely impress your kids.

3. Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter

If you ask a kid which thing they will love to receive as an Easter gift. They will surely answer about the toys. It doesn’t matter what the celebration is; a toy can be the most preferred gift by a kid. The Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter can be a perfect choice as an Easter Gift Ideas for Children.

Because the set contains four pieces of plastic toys which are made from 100% recycled product. The toys include a rescue boa6t, a helicopter, and a captain duck character, along with a pilot bear character. Just give it to your kid. We ensure you that he or she will love to with it.

4. Pastel Easter Eggs Pint Mason Jars

The Pastel Easter Eggs Pint Mason Jars is designed with a view of the Easter Sunday Gift. The product is designed by hand to bring a thoughtful outlook on Easter Sunday. The Jars can be a perfect gift both for the kids and for the adult.

The beautifully designed come with a satin finish which makes it a perfect decorative item. Moreover, you can also add custom notes on this jar to make the gift specialized for kids. If you are seeing for something different for your kid for the upcoming Easter Day, then you can consider this as a desirable Easter gift item.

5. Miles Kimball Personalized Easter Basket

The Miles Kimball Personalized Easter Basket can be a great way to present an Easter Day gift such as a sweet, toy, book, etc. to a kid. While gifting something, it is hard to find something specialized which can accommodate the gift while gifting.

The beautiful basket comes in a stunning design and it is constructed with high-quality soft and snuggly plush polyesters. It includes a beautiful bunny place on the front and an easy hold handle on the top. It can be the best way to present gifts to your kid nicely.

6. Cassiel Home Happy Easter Day Throw Pillow Covers

Can a pillow cover be a gift as an Easter day gift? Yes, but this is not your everyday pillow cover. The cover comes with a specialized design to illustrate Easter Sunday’s thoughts. It has lovely 3D applique eggs, diamonds, flowers to bring a touch of Easter Sunday.

It is constructed with 100% poly faux linen metallic gold base fabric. The zippers are hidden and the edge has a yellow-piped design. The 18” pillow cover can comfortably accommodate the pillows of your kid, and they will love it.

7. Easter Egg Toddler Toys

The Easter Egg Toddler Toys is another great Easter Toy Gift for the upcoming Easter Day. It includes a shell crack open to reveal six colorful chicks. The kid can press down gently on the heads to hear them chirp. The eggs come in different shapes and sizes, and they can attract the attention of the kids and babies easily.

The best thing about the gift is opening the chicks from the shell and sorting them in their space improves the hand’s grip of your little superstar. The gift set can be one of the best Easter Gifts for Babies.

8. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Easter Basket

The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Easter Basket can be a great Easter Gift for Children. The box has six exclusive hatchimals collectibles and eight nests. Kids of any age will love it and play with their friends with it.

The ombre eggs along with the pastel colors will make Easter Day memorable for the kids if you give them as a gift. The gift includes four in-eggs and two out-of-eggs. The kid can hatch the remaining and carry the basket easily while playing with their friend.

9. Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal

The stuffed animal is one of the most favorite types of toy for kids. If you are tired of the typical Easter gifts, then you can consider giving them to your kids. The impressive thing about the product is it is handcrafted with proper care, and high-quality fabrics are used to make it huggable and durable.

It comes with multiple entertainment options. The kid can snuggle with the bunny during their leisure time. The stuffed rabbit features long floppy ears with extra-soft fur and realistic-looking features. It can be a perfect gift for three years up kids.

10. Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids

If you have a kid who is interested in technological and scientific things, then the Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids will be a perfect gift for him. With the help of the kit, the kid can experience the wonder of nature. It allows kids to plant, craft, water, and grow the terrarium tabletop garden.

It includes everything required for the plant’s life cycle. You will get a plastic mason-style jar, decorative lid, plant mister, river stones, etc. It can be an excellent gift for the kid to learn about the ecosystem and botany as well as the lifecycle of the plants.

11. Electronic Egg Toss, An Egg-Citing Kids Game

Electronic Egg Toss, an Egg-Citing Kids Game consists of an electronic game that will amaze the kid for sure. The excellent interactive gift allows the kid to talk with the egg toss. It is equipped with smart sensors which can talk about different child-friendly things while playing.

It is operated with a battery and perfect for both indoor and outdoor playing for kids. The volume is also controllable using buttons. Besides, the talking toy is made from soft plush which is machine washable. As a result, it can entertain your kid for a long time.

12. Play-Doh Modeling Compound

The best time to develop creativity in a human is during childhood. The Play-Doh Modeling Compound comes to make your kid more creative. It can be an excellent gift for the beneficiary of the kid on Easter Sunday.

The gift includes ten jars with different colors which are easy to open and recyclable. The kid can easily mix the compounds for creating different shapes and things according to their mind. Such a gift like the Play-Doh Modeling Compound can be very beneficial for the kid for a long time for sure.

13. Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

Some people prefer to gift things to the kid who helps them to gain knowledge while playing. The Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit is one of them. It is such a kit that lets your kid know the science behind the magic.

It includes 4 test tubes with a stand, two caps, two measuring scoops, one clear tube, purple paper, and star stickers. With the supervision of the adult, the kid can know about different magic tricks using this fantastic kit.

14. Easter Cute Animal Coloring Book for Toddlers

The Easter Cute Animal Coloring Book for Toddlers is another impressive and beneficial gift for kids. The book is designed in a way where the kid will find illustrations of a lot of different animals which they can color easily.

The illustrated animals include the Easter bunny, Llama, Sloth, Unicorn, etc. Moreover, there are also preschool ABC letters to color in this book along with fun Easter messages. It will be a great Easter Basket stuffer for kids.

15. Toy Soccer Ball with Music and Sound

Moreover, with its smart, intelligent sensor, it can quickly detect a shot, dribble, pass, kick and include the kid to do much better. It contains 40 different sounds FX to entertain your kid while playing. Besides, it is made with soft plush so that the kid can easily shot it. This is also a perfect outdoor sports gift idea for kids.

16. Wilton Easter Cupcakes Decorating Kit

Do you have a growing kid whom you want to help you while preparing things for Easter? Then the Wilton Easter Cupcakes Decorating Kit will be an excellent choice for you.

The amazing decorative tool includes silicone spatula, 150 cupcake liners, green grass candy wafer shreds, two 12 count packages of honeycomb carrot cupcake toppers, spring mix sprinkles, and much more. Everything is designed nicely so that your kid gets motivated to help you as well as learn decorating.

17. Pastel Bunny glycerin soap Easter basket gifts

The adorable Pastel Bunny glycerin soap can be a great way to bring a cute smile to the face of your lovely kid. The soap comes in a scented fragrance and in a beautiful bunny shape which makes them perfect for Easter gifts.

They also come in different colors to bring vividness in your bathtubs. The most impressive thing about the gift is the soaps are made from natural ingredients. So they will be skin-friendly for your kid.

18. Hip Hop Bunny Funny Gift for Kids Easter T-Shirt

Are you planning to gift clothing to your lovely kids this Easter? Then you should consider the Hip Hop Bunny Funny Gift for Kids Easter T-Shirt. The beautifully designed T-shirt comes with an adorable bunny print which will be loved by your kid.

In addition, the T-shirt made from outstanding fabric with 100% combed cotton classic crew neckline for your kids. It is available in different colors and size to accommodate your kids nicely.

19. Easter Plush Bunny with Chocolate Foil Eggs

A beautiful stuffed bunny with holding chocolate Easter eggs of different flavors. What can be a better gift for your lovely kids this Easter? The nicely designed Cute Easter Gifts for Kids bunny comes in an imposing shape which will surely amaze your kid.

On the other hand, the chocolate Easter eggs include dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate, dark raspberry chocolate, almond buttermilk chocolate, and caramel milk chocolate. Such a combination will surely amaze your kid. Besides, with the plush bunny, the kid can play for a long time.

20. CafePress White Easter Bunny Banner T-Shirt

If you have a girl kid and looking for a cloth gifting idea for her, then the CafePress White Easter Bunny Banner T-Shirt will be a perfect pick. The T-shirt has “Happy Easter” written on its front which makes this the best Easter gift idea for baby girls

Besides, it is available in various sizes and colors to suit your needs adequately. As the manufacturer claims, the t-shirt has been designed by professional Tee designers. So you will get the best quality design if you go for it.

21. Newborn Baby Happy Easter Outfit

Looking for the best Easter Gifts for Babies? Then the Newborn Baby Happy Easter Outfit will be an excellent pick for you. It is specially designed for the babies to celebrate their first Easter nicely.

Along with the Easter Sunday, it is also suitable for daily usage and playing outside. Besides, the dress crafted from 100% cotton, breathable, and soft material. The dress is available in blue and yellow color. If you want to make the first Easter Day of your baby memorable then it’s a perfect choice.

22. Easter White Plastic Eggs DIY Decor with 8 Pens

This can be another great Easter gift idea for your kid. The gift set includes 30 pcs of Easter white eggs along with eight water-based pens. Your kid can paint the eggs with different shapes and colors with the pens.

Another impressive thing is the eggs include a hanging rope by which you can easily hang them for the decoration purpose of your home. Painting the eggs can improve the freehand practice of your kids while entertaining your kids. This is an awesome Easter gift to draw lover kids.

23. Easter Activity Book For Kids Ages 4-8

The Easter Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8 can be one of the best Easter activity books available in the market. It is designed with a view of the kid, and it is filled with different things apart from just coloring.

It can be a great way to teach your kid about freehand exercises. It includes coloring, dot to dot, mazes, word search, and much more. It can be excellent preschool equipment for your kid to teach him the basics.

24. Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt

Does your kid prefer stories as entertainment? Then you should consider Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt. It is a well-written and exciting storybook for the kids.

The story is about a Peppa Pig and his Easter egg hunt during springtime. It is available in library binding as well as paperback.

25. Personalized Willow Easter Basket With Drop-Down Handle

Personalized Easter Baskets Gift is a unique gift ideas for your beloved kids. Because you can use your kid’s name on the embroidered removable liner. The personalized liner font style can be changed as per as your chioce so that you can use your favorite style and font for the name.

Mostly Kids love this Easter gift because of the awesome design of willow Easter basket. Besides, you can add most of the favorite goodies on this Personalized Easter Basket.

We have discussed the most excellent Easter Gift Ideas in this article. So now it should be easier for you to choose an Easter Sunday gift for kids. Another impressive thing about the products mentioned above is they are all available at around $10. So they will not cut your pocket. Besides, they come with higher quality and optimized for the kids. So you can choose any of the Easter Gifts for Kids without any confusion. We wish you and your family a Happy Easter Sunday.

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