As the festive season is knocking on the door, you must be wondering about the gifts you need to buy for your little ones. It becomes quite a cumbersome task to decide on a particular thing that will make your children smile. Sit back and relax, as in this article we have jotted down some brilliant Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids. Ponder over the options and purchase the one which suits your kids the most.

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1. Speed Cube Puzzle Toy

If your little one is a Rubix master, the best gift for him or her can be this mind-boggling Speed Cube Puzzle Toy. This unique 3*3 pentagonal puzzle is interesting if they find the Rubix square boring.

Speed Cube Puzzle Toy. Images Source

The Speed Cube Puzzle Toy comes with adjustable springs for fine-tuning. It also provides lubrication options for swift rotation and movements. This toy help kids to develop their creativity and imagination. So It’s a perfect gift for kids’ birthday, Christmas and any Occasion.

2. Ninja Turtles Toys

An ideal gift for your kid who is an ardent fan of Turtle can be Lego Ninja Turtle Lair Attack 79103. This super cool kit comes with a title video game station with a flat-screen tv, ramp for skateboarding, etc. It also comes with & Minifigures and ten weapons. Your kid will enjoy putting the parts together and then thrashing the trespassers who dared to enter their turtle territory.

Ninja Turtles Toys

Ninja Turtles Toys. Images Source

There are several spare parts provided along with the kit for replacement. As the gift contains small pieces, it should not be given to children below five years of age as they can swallow it and get choked. So it can be an awesome Christmas gift ideas for kids.

3. Ultimate Lightning McQueen Car

Robots and robotic cars. Is this what fascinated your kid? If yes, then this Christmas gift them Ultimate Lightning McQueen Car by Sphero. This battery-operated robotic your car comes with a mobile application which enables you to play games and watch supercar movies too.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Car. Images Source

The Bluetooth range of this car is approximately 30 meters. It has LCD eyes, ambient light sensor and custom speakers. So it’s a popular car that can be a Christmas gift ideas for kids.

4. Magnetic Molecular Building Kit

This Christmas gift your budding chemist this magnetic molecular building kit. This Snatoms magnetic kit is an advanced version of the ball and sticks atom model. It provides hands-on experience to demonstrate how the atoms actually look like and how the energy and bonds between them work.

Magnetic Molecular Building Kit

Magnetic Molecular Building Kit. Images Source

This kit includes 12 carbon, 12 oxygen, 26 hydrogens, four nitrogen, two sulfur, two phosphorus, and four chlorine atoms, plus six double bonds or four triple bonds in different colors. So this is a scientific gift for school going kids.

5. JIMU Robot Inventor Kit

In this era of artificial intelligence and robotics, nothing can beat this JIMU Robot Inventor kit as a present for your kid. This kit comes with 675 parts which can be snapped together to make various animal forms and JIMU robot.

JIMU Robot Inventor Kit. Images Source

It has 600 interlocking and interchangeable parts along with 16 programmable motors for sophisticated movements. It has a mobile application that features different types of models and ways to reconstruct them. It is most suited Christmas gift ideas for kids above eight years of age.

6. Walking Pup Pet

A pet is the best gift that you can give to your little one. They are the best companion harboring lifelong friendship. But if getting a real one is quite messy and cumbersome for you, we have a better option, Get Up & GoGo My Walking Pup Pet.

Walking Pup Pet. Images Source

These plush pets give a luxurious life pet-like experience with engaging and interacting features. The pup has a leash that will make it easy for your kid to control its movements. It nods her head and wags her tail adorably. They can also play various games with their pets using a mobile application. So it is the best Christmas gift idea for kids who love pets.

7. Erector Meccanoid G15

This is the era where innovation meets technology. This Christmas give the budding engineer in your kid an uplift with Meccano Meccanoid G-15 personal robot. It is based on three different programs.

  • Learned Intelligence Movement
  • Rag Doll Style
  • Motion Capture

Erector Meccanoid G15. Images Source

It is capable of responding to instructions, mirroring movements and has a sense of humor. This magnificent robot is made up of 600 pieces and six motors standing 2 feet tall. The device is compatible with Android mobile applications for various programming. So it’s adorable Christmas gift ideas for kids who love robot & technology.

8. Disney Singing Elsa Doll

Your little princess loves to pose as the frozen Disney princess. The Disney Singing Elsa Doll is the best Christmas gift ideas for kids you can give to your baby girl this festive season.

Disney Singing Elsa Doll

Disney Singing Elsa Doll. Images Source

The doll comes dressed beautifully in a colourful dress with a floral design in the middle of the chest. The floral design is actually a button which plays songs when pressed. “Making today a special day” is the signature song of this frozen princess which plays once in a while.

9. NINJAGO Movie Destiny’s Bounty

If action and mystery revolve around that little brain of your kid, this Christmas gift him or her LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty. This kit will keep your little one busy for hours, joining the intricate details of the large ship.

NINJAGO Movie Destiny’s Bounty

NINJAGO Movie Destiny’s Bounty. Images Source

It has 2295 pieces with seven miniature figures and other accessories required for completing the structure. This beautiful Ninjago set inculcates the imagination, creativity and community awareness in your kids.

10. SmartGames IQ Fit

Brain teasers are a perfect way to recognize and develop the cognitive skills of your children. An ideal gift this Christmas can be Smart games IQ Fit. This 3D game kit comes in a portable case with 120 fun and brainstorming challenges. Apart from having fun, it will help your kid to develop planning and spatial insight.

SmartGames IQ Fit. Images Source

There is a booklet attached to pictures of different challenges. The 3D pieces change the solution depending on the flexibility of your little one’s thinking. You should not buy this for small kids as the pieces are small and always have a risk of being swallowed. So it’s perfect Christmas gift ideas for kids above 5 years old.

11. Cutest Dog Boo Stuffed Animal Plush

Soft plush toys have always been a weak spot for girls. Even when they grow up, cuddling a teddy or fluffy, you are a comfort provider. The best gift for your girl this Christmas can be GUND Boo stuffed dog plush.

Cutest Dog Boo Stuffed Animal Plush. Images Source

This super cute boo toy is made up of the finest and softest material which is easy to clean. It is quite adorable with a cute tail and an exact replica of the famous Pomeranian breed of dogs. You can buy this for kids if any age group. So this is a cute Christmas gift ideas for kids.

12. Sky Viper Video Drone

The best gift for your boy on Christmas Eve can be the Sky Viper Video Drone. It is equipped with a high-definition Sky Pro camera to capture a bird’s eye view video footage. It also comes with a 4GB micro SD card to capture 20 minutes of flight footage.

Sky Viper Video Drone. Images Source

The video drone made with Duraflex brand body kits and can capture 360° panoramic views. It can perform simple stunts like barrel rolls in mid-flight. It also has an adjustable sensitivity controls for a fun experience. So this can be considered as a Christmas gift ideas for kids who desire to have a drone.

13. King of Tokyo Board Game

Let your kid fall in love with the age-old board games with just a slight twist – monster board games. The set consists of 6 monster boards, one Tokyo boards, six black dice and two green dice, 66 power cards, six cardboard figures, energy cubes, 28 tokens and one rulebook.

King of Tokyo Board Game

King of Tokyo Board Game. Images Source

Clear rules and card text are provided for instructions. Make them roll the dice and form a strategy to stomp on their path of victory.

14. Kids Scooter with Brake

A unique toy for your kids this Christmas can be this space scooter. This super cool and trendy scooter is compact and can be easily folded to save storing space.

Kids Scooter with Brake. Images Source

It is safe for children with rear-wheel handbrake and air suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride. It is portable and available in various colors. It is the best Christmas Gift Ideas for children above four years of age.

15. Dump Truck Toy for Kids

How about buying such a toy for your kid which is made up of recycled products? Sounds cool, right! The dump truck by Hunson is an award-winning you truck that helps to develop the motor skills of your kid.

Dump Truck Toy. Images Source

It has no metal axles and runs on unevenly terrains and sand while dumping whatever cargo load your baby want. It is rust free and easy to clean even after running outdoors. So it can be a perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids who love truck toys.

16. Musical Toy Orchestra for Kids

Music is a soothing balm for the soul and, if your kid already loves music, it is great news. This Christmas the best toy you can buy for your kids is B. Symphony musical toy orchestra.

Musical Toy Orchestra for Kids

Musical Toy Orchestra. Images Source

It consists of 13 musical instruments and 15 kinds of music. It comes with a music guidebook, and the keyboard has lights to teach the sections on an orchestra. Buy this and see your little one charming everyone with their music skills.

17. RacerZ Car Designer Kit

The best gift for your boy this festive season will be ZOOB RacerZ Designer car. If he likes to dismantle and rejoin every single thing at home, he is surely going to fall in love with this gift.

RacerZ Car Designer Kit. Images Source

It includes 76 pieces which can be used to build three cars at a time. Let your kid’s imagination run wild and create some nice car designs. They can also seek the help of a guide provided with the kit.

18. Rocket with Astronauts Toys

Is there a budding astronaut in your home? Here we got something that is bound to catch his attention as the Christmas gift – Rocket Astronaut Toy Vehicle from Green Toys.

Rocket with Astronauts Toys. Images Source

Green Toys are known for being eco-friendly by using recycled materials. This toy has two astronaut miniatures and is quite easy to clean. It has a detachable roof, flip-down doors and comes in eye-catching bright colors.

19. Marble Run Super Set

If you want to keep your little ones busy while you complete your daily chores, this Christmas give them Marble Genius Run Superset. It consists of various action pieces and transparent glass marbles to construct various sizes and shapes.

Marble Run Super Set

Marble Run Super Set. Images Source

It increases the creativity of a child’s brain apart from providing a few your fun. It is also compatible with a mobile application which can also guide your kid for making the building.

20. Explorer Pedal Car for Kids

If you are willing to give your child a thrilling experience, give him/her this award-winning power pedal go-kart – YBIKE EXPLORER. It is an innovative riding machine with a sleek and sturdy body even suitable for terrain riding.

Explorer Pedal Car for Kids

Explorer Pedal Car. Images Source

The seats are convenient, and it requires no battery as it is powered by a pedal mechanism. It has puncture-proof tires and enough safety measures to keep your child safe. So this can be a great Christmas gift ideas for kids.

21. KidiBeats Drum Set

Are you tired of listening to your kid constantly banging on utensils? Why not gift him something worth spending his energy on! An ideal toy for your kid can be VTech Kids Beat Drumset.

KidiBeats Drum Set. Images Source

It consists of 3 drum pads with a cymbal producing unique sounds which will help your child to develop sensory skills. It has four play modes with different LED lights. It runs on batteries and will make your child feel like a drummer. It’s one of the best Christmas gift ideas for kids who love music.

22. Deluxe Art Set for Drawing, Painting and More

Darice 120 piece Deluxe art set is the best gift for your kid who is Keen towards arts and paintings. This makes a great gift as it comes in a portable gift case.

Deluxe Art Set for Drawing, Painting. Images Source

It includes 120 pieces comprising of markers, crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolour, clips etc. This assorted artistic supplies will be a source of great fun for your child. It’s also an awesome Christmas gift ideas for kids who love art, drawing & painting at home.

23. Let’s Go Fishin Toy for Kids

How about gifting some classical you piece to your loved one this Christmas. An ideal gift can be a fishing game toy from Pressman toys.

Let’s Go Fishin Toy for Kids

Let’s Go Fishin Toy. Images Source

Not only it will provide the fun of catching a fish with a hook and bait, but it will also develop hand and eye coordination of your children. It includes 21 fish, four poles and operates on a battery.

24. Get Outside GO! Pro-Ball Set

If your baby boy loves to play with balls, an assorted ball pack from Toysmith can be an ideal gift for him.

Get Outside GO! Pro-Ball Set. Images Source

It consists of a soccer ball, football, and basketball designed especially for small hands. It is made up of soft and durable material and resists stains. This is one of the outstanding Christmas gift ideas for kids who are a fan of the soccer ball, football, and basketball games.

25. Hug Pillow Cushion Doll

If Coziness is something your baby girl loves, give her Aunt Merry Mokomoko Llama Alpaca Hug Pillow Cushion Doll.

Hug Pillow Cushion Doll. Images Source

It is a scented plush side pillow with a scented bag at the tail place. The scent can be customized according to your preference. So this can be a cute Christmas gift idea for kids for introducing animals.

In Conclusion:
All the gifts above are suitable for Kids Birthday, Christmas & any other occasions. So one can find the best gift for their children easily from this blog post. If not you can also welcome to explore Top 50 Gift Websites And Blogs.